Hiking in Ladakh gives you an opportunity to explore the incomparable Valley of Flowers, the various monasteries, the Leh Palace, the unique bazaars and alleyways of the town. Then we take you to the exquisite Nubra Valley, have a look at Shankar Gompa and the Stok Palace, and admire the wonderful architecture of the place. Chrysalid Outdoors arranges hiking on the Zogila Pass and the Khardungla Pass, possibly the highest mountain passes in the world, affording a breathtaking view of the Karakoram. Hiking can be extended over days when you are in Ladakh but it is fun and exhilaration all the way as Chrysalid Outdoors relieves you of the bother of handling your baggage, accommodation and meals. Hiking in Ladakh is one of the best ways to know the land, the culture and people. With strong Tibetan influences, you are transported to another world, another place in time when you hike across Ladakh.

For cold weather, look for polypropylene such as Capilene, Thermion, Thermax and Thermastat or silk undershirt. For warm weather - CoolMax, Supplex, or polyester microfiber are good choices for base covering. Upon this you could wear a shirt and pants of wool, fleece, pile, or down. A windproof and water-resistant jacket worn loosely also works as a good clothing option, which can be removed when you start feeling warmer after walking.The right hiking shoes for your feet can make all of the difference for walking comfort and an enjoyable hike tour. A hiker should also have a variety of shoes to meet different climates and surfaces. If your walks are taking up natural paths and off-beaten tracks, you may want more rugged shoes. Look for the lighter weight variety shoes for hike and those with some flexibility and are waterproof. The socks should also be made from CoolMax, polypropylene, or other woven fabric as they wick away the sweat to evaporate and help prevent blisters. Other things that a hiker has to carry include hat, waist packs, hike backpacks, water bottles, sunscreen and hike tour route maps.